The digital revolution is here and the best opportunity to lead the sports industry is in your hands. Will you go the extra mile?

NetCents is a hub for cryptocurrency payments that empowers you to accept cryptocurrency, and receive dollars. It’s that simple. There’s zero risk and countless new customers to capture. Let’s game on.

Accept Digital Currency, Receive Dollars. 

Why Use NetCents?

Low Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Power Play of 2020

Save money when your customers pay with cryptocurrency and forget about extra fees. There's no:

Fixed Fees
Start-up Fees
Monthly Fees

Price Protection Guarantee

We guarantee your sale price at the time of the transaction. Forget about exchange rates and price fluctuations - we’ve got you covered. Read more.

Easy Integrations

Send an invoice or plug NetCents into your checkout page and start taking transactions in minutes.

Reach a new audience - instantly. When your customers pay with the cryptocurrency of their choice, you’ll receive your local currency. 

Global Reach

One More Revenue Stream

Still want to accept credit cards? That’s fine by us. We’re a complementary solution that works alongside your traditional processing. The cryptocurrency market is worth over $500 billion - don’t miss out.

About Us

NetCents has built a universal cryptocurrency payments infrastructure that optimizes your ROI through easy, convenient, and secure payments – all around the globe. 

Our partner, the Human Interest Group, has been entrenched in the business of professional sports, health and wellness services,  and active lifestyle science and technologies for over 20 years.  With a portfolio of world champion level athletes clients, industry brand partners, and access to active lifestyle consumers across the globe, they are an ideal team to manage our offering of unique payment systems to these specialized markets.  

Together, we've seen a unique opportunity in the athletic industry to capitalize on the unprecedented adoption and worldwide reach of cryptocurrency. 

We’re outside the box thinkers who know that there’s always a simpler way, a smarter way, to make payments. We give you the tools to build what you need – a better way to accept payments and the power to Pay. Your Way.

Do I need any knowledge about cryptocurrency to accept it?

No - not with NetCents. We offer you a price protection guarantee with no risks to you! This means that you can accept cryptocurrency without ever having to ‘touch it’. 

How do I receive a payout from NetCents? 
Can I continue to accept credit and debit cards? 
How can I get support as a merchant? 

The payout process is automatic. We process payouts daily and they reach your bank account within 1-4 business days. No fuss and no delays. 

Absolutely! While our focus is solely on cryptocurrency processing, you can continue to work with your current provider to take traditional payments. 

Our Merchant Support team will be there to assist you each step of the way. You can get help via email, live chat, our phone line, and through Zoom. 

How does the cryptocurrency to dollars conversion work? 

With our Instant Settlement feature, we guarantee the sale price in your local currency. For example, if you sell a high-end carbon racing bicycle for $7500, you'll receive $7500 to your bank account, less a small transaction fee. There's no risk - it's like accepting traditional payments, just at a fraction of the cost. 

Our speciality team in Boulder, Colorado, offers a suite of cryptocurrency solutions for clients in sports and entertainment, health and wellness, fitness and general active lifestyle industries.